Haba Sand Toys Help Make Pretend Play Fun

Thanks to the people at Haba, we were given a great opportunity to try out their sand toys collection.

Haba Sand Toys Help Make Pretend Play Fun

My son is a huge fan of his sand box. Earlier this year we went to the ocean for the first time and he referred to it as the big sand box our entire trip – a big thumbs up from him. While he has a few toys for his sandbox already, I knew he definitely wouldn’t mind a few more to add to his collection.

Haba Sand Toys Help Make Pretend Play Fun

Haba Sand Toys Help Make Pretend Play Fun

We received the Sun Bistro Pat a Cake Bake Set and the Sand Play Tanker Truck and these two items were a hit with my son! My daughter liked them as well, though she is too young to really understand how they work. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of bad weather lately so we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time out playing in the sand box, but we found alternate ways to play as well!

My son really loved the Tanker Truck, which was no surprise to me. While sand box play was great, he also loved having this toy in the bath with him. He had so much fun filling up and dumping out the water over himself and sometimes over the sides of the tub – much to my dismay. The Pat a Cake set, while not as big a hit as the Truck, also went over well. His favorite parts were the two smaller pieces for making lemon wedge and strawberry sand designs. He also wanted to take these pieces and use them with some dough-type material that he was playing with. Overall, these two sets were a great new addition to the sand box toys.

Haba Sand Toys Help Make Pretend Play Fun

Beyond my son’s reaction, I really liked these products. I didn’t feel like any of the items were made cheaply or that I would need to worry about broken pieces. These toys really seemed built to hold up to some rough play – which is good when you are dealing with an almost 3 year old boy. I really liked the Tanker Truck, despite my son dumping water out of the tub. Unlike a lot of toys that use water, this toy was really easy to get dry afterwards and therefore avoid the death sentence for toys of mold. So many water-based toys have made it to the garbage in this house, but this is one toy I can say that won’t happen to. The Pat a Cake set, though not receiving quite as much attention here, is very nice in my opinion as well since it wasn’t hard for a child to use and made quite nice designs. I am all about being involved in play time with kids, but sand box play is one time I am all about free play without parents involved so I am glad to have toys that work within that mind frame.

Overall I would highly recommend the Haba line of Sand Toys. I fully expect to see more of their products in our home as there were a few more items on their site that we were peeking at just recently.

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  1. we dont have a sand box but my kids love taking their toys in the tub

  2. I loved making mud pies and other “desserts” out of dirt as a kid. I would have flipped over that set! I have heard great things about Haba toys, so I liked seeing your review specifically. Thanks!

  3. Trasina McGahey says

    I love toys that inspire imagination! These look like a lot of fun and versatile! I love tys that can be used anywhere.

  4. I sure wish they had these when I was a kid! Kids need to get sloppy sometimes to learn how to be creative.

  5. we love haba! these toys are great

  6. My grandsons would love to play with the Sand Play Tanker Truck in the bath tub! What a unique toy!

  7. Looks like fun. Your post reminded me of how much fun bath time with my kids used to be!

  8. Lilia Kharabora says

    How fun. I Love creative play for my children! Whether in the house (tub time) Or outside, this would be great!

  9. Deanna Middendorf says

    That tanker truck seems to be calling out this grandma’s name!! Too cute!

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