Halloween Party Planning Tips with Hershey’s

Halloween is right around the corner, can you believe it? And what better way to celebrate than with a party! We know people who refuse to leave the house that day, but, in our family, Halloween has always been a time to dress up, have fun, and party.

So how do we pull off the Perfect Halloween Bash? We still practice the same traditions we did when I was a kid. We get together with family, friends, and friends of friends and hold a Halloween party. For weeks in advance, we come up with ideas for creepy snacks, scary decorations, spooky movies to watch, costume contest, and fun activities our guests are sure to love!


We always transform our home into a haunted house with a creepy and fun Halloween ambiance. We welcome ghosts, skeletons, witches, goblins, black cats, werewolves, and snakes. Check out some fun decorations that inspired our Halloween party below:

Decorate your front yard with this Green Witch and cast a spooky spell over the whole neighborhood.

Halloween Witch Decorations

This Werewolf mask is a great yet inexpensive way to transform a door by the light of the full moon. You can also use the metal link chains, Fences, and graveyard scenes for your yard decoration.

Halloween Werewolf Decorations

Create a spooky look inside and out your home with hanging ghosts, skeletons, and eerie Halloween designs.

Halloween Ghost Decorations

Halloween Sidewalk Signs

Party Games:

If you’re looking for an activity your guest is sure to love, try this fun twist on a classic party game. Halloween charades is a great game for children or adults and can be played with guest of all ages.

Halloween Charades

What You’ll Need:
Bowl, bag, or witch’s hat for clues
Pen or pencil
Props: wigs, brooms, wigs, costumes, boas, etc. (optional)
Costume makeup or face paint (optional)

1. Pass out slips of paper and something to write with to each guest.
2. Instruct each guest to write down Halloween words, horror movies, or actors in scary movies
3. Divide into two teams.
4. Determine how long each round will be. Typically each player gets 3-5 minutes to act out the word.
5. Each guest picks out a clue and acts out the word without speaking. (optional: Use props to help teammates guess what you are doing)
6. Teammates watching guess what the person is acting out.
7. The team gets a point if they guess correctly within the allotted time. The team that guesses the most correct words wins.

This game is always a big hit with everyone. To make it spooky we play eerie music, turn off the lights and play by candlelight. We are a competitive group, so we always play to win. Prizes like candy bars, gift cards, and homemade baked treats are awarded to the winning team, And of course bragging rights!


Bring the pumpkin patch to your next party, and serve your favorite beverage in these frightful cups.

jack-o-lantern Plastic Cups

While the star of our Halloween parties is always the costumes, a hauntingly delicious drink is always fun. Create just the right spooky atmosphere for a fright-filled Halloween night with our favorite kid-friendly drinks.

Bloody Vampire Punch

1 quart or liter cranberry juice
1 liter 7-Up or Sprite
1 package frozen strawberries in syrup, thawed
Grenadine (pomegranate syrup)

Place strawberries in the punch bowl. Add cranberry juice and stir. Pour in 7-Up or Sprite and grenadine. Do not stir. The grenadine looks like blood. Serve.

Witch’s Brew

1 quart or liter grape juice (like Welch’s Grape Juice)
1 quart or liter orange juice
1-liter ginger ale
Icy hand (optional)
Halloween themed novelty items for punch bowl (optional)

Mix grape juice and orange juice in the punch bowl. Pour in the ginger ale. Add icy hand (see below for directions) and/or Halloween decorations. Serve.

Spooky Icy Hand

What You’ll Need:
2 non-latex disposable gloves
Water or fruit juice
Rubber bands

1. Fill the disposable glove with water or fruit juice.
2. Seal glove with a rubber band and Freeze overnight.
3. Dip in warm water for a few seconds and peel off the glove.
4. Place in the punch bowl for a spooky, Halloween effect to your punch!

And what would a Halloween party be without candy? Buy candy, days even weeks in advance. Have a good stock, because you don’t want to be known as the house who gave out crummy treats. Right?

Halloween Candy

As you may have noticed we like to go all out for our Halloween parties, but remember your party doesn’t have to be. The key is to have fun no matter how simple or extravagant you make it! Get ready for your next Halloween party in no time flat with these easy, budget-friendly recipes, party games, and decorating ideas.

What are your Halloween traditions? Do you have an annual Halloween party?

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  1. Amy Peschel says

    Candy Corn.

  2. reeses are my fave

  3. My favorite Halloween candy is Pumpkin Peeps! Thanks.

  4. Kit Kats are my favorite :-)

  5. My favorite is probably Butterfingers

  6. Hersheys Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite.
    Thank you!

  7. Kit Kat

  8. Milky way midnight :)

  9. Skittles!

  10. candy corn

  11. My favorite is Reece’s Peanut butter cups. It can’t be Reece’s pieces though. lol

  12. Twix.

  13. Miriam Kasarda says

    We don’t have a Halloween party, but I do love decorating. This year I put up “beware of zombies” caution tape all over the front of the house and make a graveyard out of the front yard. I haven’t gotten a single bag of candy yet. I guess that’s the procrastinator in me.

  14. thanks for the tips. the game is awesome, my gf just told me about it and we can’t wait to try it out!

  15. Jessica R. says

    My fave is Kit Kats!

  16. reese’s peanut butter cups

  17. Great recipe ideas! We don’t do a party, but would be fun for just our family!

  18. love hersheys kisses

  19. I haven’t found a candy I don’t like. My favorite that gets handed out mostly on Halloween are Smarties, Charms Blow Pops, & Snickers fun size :)

  20. Lisa Fonseca says

    I have to try to make those Spooky Icy Hands, my daughter would love those!

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