Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

Thanks to the awesome people at Happy Family I was given the opportunity to throw a Milk & Cookie Happy Hour to celebrate the launch of their new Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk. We got the party supplies shortly before Halloween so we decided to combine a small neighborhood Halloween gathering with our Happy Hour party.

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

The party pack included:
Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk
Happy Tot Best Friends Toddler Cookies
Happy Baby Sweet Potato and Apricot pouches
Munchkin Sippy Cups
Party Materials (plates, cups, napkins)
And a gift card – used to purchase some other snacks and drinks more suited for adults than the milk.

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

The party was indoor and outdoor and all over the place so we had kids in every which direction, meaning there weren’t a lot of great party shots with the kids, but they had a blast and loved trying out the products!

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

The Toddler Cookies are something my kids have tried in the past and loved. They are huge fans of the Chocolate Pumpkin flavored cookies. It was nice to have another option available too since we had some party members who couldn’t or wouldn’t eat anything with chocolate. The cookies definitely didn’t survive very long at the party, even with the promise of trick or treating candy shortly after.

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

Happy Baby pouches are also a huge hit in my house and one of them happened to disappear before I could even get a picture taken! Someone just couldn’t wait. I’m not sure anyone else at the party even got one of them with how enthusiastic my kids are about their pouches.

My kids were not thrilled with the Happy Tot Grow & Shine Toddler Milk, but I think that has a lot to do with being on regular milk for a while now and there is a difference with the smell and taste between the two. They did both drink some down without a problem, but it was obvious they would prefer the regular milk they were used to. I think a major contribution was the fact that neither of my kids really took to formula as they were both almost exclusively breastfed. I believe they each had maybe a bottle or two of formula the entire time. The product reminded me a bit of the smell of formula so I am led to believe that there might be a similarity in taste and therefore the product would probably be more accepted by kids used to that flavor.

Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party

Overall the party was a hit and the products went over well. I know the parents loved being exposed to some new products that not all of them had heard of before. The Toddler Milk was a hit for many of the other children, so overall I think it was a successful product just like the other Happy Family products my kids enjoy. And as an added bonus for me, these products are healthier than their alternatives.

I definitely recommend Happy Family products to anyone with small children. The products are created just right for your little ones and taste pretty good if I might chime in myself.

Check out the Happy Family Facebook page. Visit www.happyfamilybrands.com to find a store near you and get some Happy Family products for yourself!

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  1. MaryJo Tsitouris says

    I miss when my son was this age! It was so much fun to do things like “Happy Family Milk & Cookie Happy Hour Party”! Good stuff! :)

  2. Indeed it looks like the children did have fun at the party. Regarding the organic toddler milk, this is the first that I have heard of such a product, aside from the fact that it is a new product for the company. In special circumstances health wise, it might be better for your toddler, but unfortunately, all my grandchildren are way past that age so I doubt what I have an opportunity to find out. Thanks for the review though.

  3. Tanya White says

    It sounds like you and the kids had a blast. I didn’t know that toddler milk existed that is good to know.

  4. Looks like you got a lot of nice stuff. Sounds like a fun time as well.

  5. Kelly Nicholson says

    Thats looks like a fun party..wish i was a kid,and im glad organic is getting into the tots,because the gmos are making people sick,…thanks

  6. Bertha Wilson says

    I’m sure that my Grandchildren would love the cookies and pouches but wouls take some getting used to the Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk. I’m sure it would be a lot healthier for them. This is my first time of hearing of this product.

  7. laurie damrose says

    Thant’s great idea,just like a tea party for little ones.

  8. Maria Iemma says

    Everything that is good can be believed as you enjoy your milk and cookies!

  9. Jennifer Hiles says

    Organic baby milk, what a great idea. I wish I would have heard of this when my daughter was born. She had a lot of bad reactions to formula and I’m wondering if this would have helped.

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