Haunted in Southern California

Southern California is famous for many different things. All year long people flock there to sunbathe on the gorgeous sand beaches, surf the amazing waves and take tours of famous stars homes. But the southern part of the Golden State also is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for creepy, haunted places. These places are known for being Haunted in Southern California and include a hospital for the mentally ill that has been abandoned, an old zoo that is filled with ghosts and a room your stuck in, till you figure out how to get out!! Beware – the links below lead to scary photos that may very well haunt your dreams tonight, proceed with caution!

Places You Must Visit That Are Haunted in Southern California

Haunted in Southern California

Southern California is known for its many beauties, but lurking beyond the shadows, you will find much more!

Stony Brook Retreat – Opened in 1918, Stony Brook Retreat was a hospital for tuberculosis patients until the late 1930s. It’s since been abandoned, but that doesn’t stop the ghosts from hanging out! I was reading about Stony Brook on flickr, and there were several stories posted from visitors that had history with the hospital. Most of the hauntings at Stony Brook include children crying, and roaming the area in hospital gowns.

Griffith Park – One of the nation’s largest parks, and the second largest in California, Griffith Park is visited by many each year. The Old Zoo ruins are still on the property, but there is so much more to this area. The park is said to be haunted – and cursed – dating back to the 1800s.

Griffith Park is a nice place to take photographs. Who knows, a ghost might even sneak into your picture! Also located in Griffith Park, you can read about how the Hollywood Sign is haunted, riddles with a history of suicides and sadness.

Places You Must Visit That Are Haunted in Southern California

Rancho Los Amigos – This haunt was built in 1888 as a hospital for the mentally ill, and was also known as the Los Angeles County Poor Farm at one time. Rancho Los Amigos was sort of a “catch all” for the mentally ill, elderly, and homeless. It was situated on hundreds of acres of property, but now the buildings have all been abandoned.

In more recent times, the U.S. Marines used the south campus for training drills. During one of these exercises, a freezer was opened and dozens of mummified body parts were found. Reading about this hospital’s past is both sad and interesting. I think it’d be neat to take some pictures of the abandoned buildings, though I’ve heard there is around-the-clock security so I’m not sure how close you can get.

Bessie’s Love Cabin is one more stop to put on your haunted tour list.

Haunted Attractions in Southern California

Wicked Lit – Wicked Lit isn’t a haunted house or screampark, but it’s just as spooky (and fun!). Experience three short haunt-style plays as you take a tour through the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena. Ages 16+.

Great Escape Room – Work together as a team to escape the horrors of the Great Escape Room. Find clues and solve riddles that are hidden in the room. These clues and riddles give you the tools needed to escape. Can you handle it, or will you crack under pressure?

Which Haunted in Southern California place will you be visiting first?

Places You Must Visit That Are Haunted in Southern California

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