Helping Babies Sleep with The Miracle BabySleep System

infant sleep problems

Does your baby have difficulty sleeping? This is a common question you will hear from parents. There are so many products to choose from to help calm your baby and help them sleep, but today I want to tell you about The Miracle BabySleep System I was given the opportunity to try out.

Innovative new tonal technology for sleep and cognitive enhancement for your baby’s best development.

The SmartWav system offers two varieties of audio CDs that can be played for babies. The system I reviewed was The Miracle BabySleep System. The system is a two disc set and they provide audio discs – for playing on a standard CD player – and data discs that can be played from a computer. They also include an “Adult Sleep” CD as an extra addition for parents to use.

The system is very simple to use. You play the first CD to encourage the baby that it is time to sleep. It is encouraged to make a smooth transition to the second CD (often by playing the first in a common room and the second in the baby’s room) and then putting baby to bed listening to the second. The music on the CDs is fantastic and calming and made me feel relaxed and ready for bed myself!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much improvement in the sleep of my 6 month old son. It didn’t help him sleep longer or get him down easier – although he is pretty easy to get to bed anyway. I think the major issue I had was starting him so late on this system. We would probably have had a better result starting him at a younger age, since it would have helped him adjust from the womb easier.

You can learn more about The Miracle BabySleep System from their website. It can be purchased for $59.97.

I received a product or products to share my thoughts. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by any compensation.

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  1. My mom used to play classical music on radio when me and my sister were sleeping, because we were more calm then :) And we are smarter than our older sister and brother who didn`t have the music

  2. I have no baby right now, but this sounds useful.

  3. ised to have problme with the kid going to sleep does he sllep on his back if he does turn himover and then try the cd

  4. Christina T says

    I have no children right now, though I do have a friend that could use this her 3 month old son has colic and I wonder is this might help… Thanks for the review I will have to look more into this for her! :)

  5. My nephew is probably too old for this, now. It sounds like it would be useful for newborns and a little older.

  6. I love this idea – it sounds like it would work with me!
    I often use our little machine that plays nature sounds – the kids love it. One keeps asking for his “ocean” when he goes to bed.

  7. Alexandra Roach says

    This really would be a miracle worker for me!

  8. Jenny Stanek says

    I’m so sorry to hear it wasn’t a life-changer for you, I know how tough it can be to get your hopes up and not have something work!

    I hope you find that soon, your baby is sleeping much better! And I hope that many other mothers find these CDs to be helpful!

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