The Light Tamer by Devyn Dawson

The Light Tamer by Devyn Dawson

How to Create a New Paranormal Element that is Fresh‏

1. Start by knowing what the ‘power’ is. Will the story have romance or focus only on the paranormal? In The Light Tamer, I knew that it would be about absorbing the energy from light sources. The Light Tamer has an exciting first love romance. I had to keep in mind that this is a book and not real life. I also had to remember that teens in general are learning about relationships and their hearts aren’t tainted, they tend to fall in love faster. If you remember your fifteen year old self, you’ll remember that life was intense…now add the paranormal.

2. Read a book by someone that invented a new and fresh concept. The Hunger Games is a fantastic example. Jessie Lucente and her mom move to North Carolina to live with her grandma. Jessie is the protagonist in this story, and is both strong and interesting. Things get interesting when she meets Caleb Baldwin, a boy that saved her from drowning one summer years ago. For reasons she can’t explain, Jessie is attracted to Caleb like nothing she’s ever experienced. Caleb will tell her that he is a Light Tamer, and so is she. In my book, the Tamers don’t realize what they are until they’re teenagers. A few kids will find out earlier than others, but for the most part, they learn everything at school.

3. Know the final outcome. Having a strong ending should leave the reader breathless and begging for more (if it’s a series). If your story is a standalone book; leave your reader satisfied. The Light Tamer is the beginning of a series so I left the reader with questions. Since my ‘power’ is new and undiscovered, I don’t always know exactly what will happen. By knowing what the final outcome is, it will help me navigate the words to the end. In my other series The Legacy of Kilkenny, it is about werewolves. I know the myth behind were’s, and what I don’t know, I can go to Google. I’m the creator of Light Tamers, so I have nothing to go by. I want twenty years from now to have authors writing stories about Tamers, and using me as a ‘go-to’ in their Google search. My groundwork for the series is set, and hopefully you’ll be asking for more at the end.

Before you write the first word, make sure you know what your target audience wants from a book. The majority of young adults do not want an accountant with special powers to guess the closing stats of the stock market. They want to rid themselves from school, chores, life drama and get lost in a book. Go to Amazon and take a look around at what is selling….hurry, now go write a book!

I hope you found these tips helpful. Thank you for allowing me to write a post on your blog. Bloggers are a writer’s best friend. Happy reading.

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  1. Love these tips! Writing a book is on my bucket list, so these are much appreciated

  2. Great tips but I’m a reader not a writer!

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