Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

Preparing for baby is a long and exhausting process. You’d know this to be true if you’ve had one or two or if you’re at the end of your pregnancy and have spent the last few months getting ready for your new arrival. Preparing yourself mentally is one thing but let’s focus for a minute on preparing your babies material things. You’ve undoubtedly started to stockpile those diapers and wipes, found one or two fabulous outfits to bring him/her home in and might have even started to dream up ideas for the little ones nursery, which to a lot of parents is an essential part of preparing for the little one’s arrival.

Decorating the nursery never gets old. There are so many themes to choose from, so many different color schemes to experiment with. One of my favorite parts about decorating the nursery was picking out the furniture to match the colors/theme. It was easy to go overboard on the fun parts like those cute nightstands with the sweet character lamps and the coordinating rocking chair, but I have to say that the hardest part was knowing which crib to choose. Cribs were the worst! Not only were there so many different types of wood to choose from but then you had convertible cribs, single cribs, the kinds with the drawers underneath and even the ones with the nifty changing table built in.

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

It was an exhausting process and I know I’m not alone in thinking so. Luckily though, there’s the Washable playard with Dream Centre from Ingenuity by Bright Starts. Not your traditional crib by any means, this wonderful playard is a great alternative to other more permanent nursery sleeper options and has many of the same features Mom’s love in today’s crib models.

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying this playard out that I received for review with my godson. He’s almost too big for the playard, but he’s so gosh darn cute that I knew he would make the perfect model for this post. We use it when I watch him during the week and it has definitely come in handy when I need to multitask around my home, while keeping an eye on him. The playard is easy to install and the instructions included in the box are very simple to understand. It only took me about 10 minutes to set up and best of all no tools are needed.

Totally portable and lightweight, the playard can go just about anywhere you go with its OneLessStep feature. Whether you’re going to the beach for some fun in the sun or just want to have baby close by while you catch up on a week’s worth of missed episodes in the family room you can feel confident in knowing you aren’t risking injury or displacing the included bassinet while trying to transport the playard to the desired location.

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

One thing in particular that is one of my favorite features with this product is that, like its name, is 100% washable. Other playards get so dirty overtime due to lack of use, copious amounts of your little ones drool, and dirt picked up from who-knows-where and I’m not the only person who has ever lamented the unwashable design of playards past. The fabrics of the Washable playard however are as easy as 1,2,3 to clean, making the wash process almost effortless with its nifty zippered design. Say goodbye to that unsanitary, unsightly grime for good!

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

Now, onto the features I mentioned earlier. The washable playard is appropriate for several of your little ones growth stages. The Dream Centre bassinet is the perfect nest for your newborn to rest in and when they’re older you can simply remove that feature and use it as you would any other playard. Another great feature this particular playard boasts is the elevated changing table that makes changing those soggy diapers is incredibly convenient for Mama and baby and is one of my favorites. You just can’t go wrong with a changing table, Mama’s.

In fact you just can’t go wrong with choosing the Washable Playard with Dream Centre, period. From the handy storage bag for all of baby’s day to day necessities to its lightweight design there isn’t anything lacking in this lovely, must-have playard from Ingenuity by Bright Starts.

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Review

The storage on the side is a welcome change from tray storage that a lot of playards have. I was able to store diapers, wipes, toys, towel, bibs and a few other odds and ends with room for more.

Although I wasn’t able to get the full use out of the bassinet and changing station since my godson is pushing close to the size and weight limits for both features, I do find the playard to be worth the investment. I just suggest using it with newborns because they will grow out of it fast.

To learn more about the Ingenuity Washable Playard and other products, please visit the Ingenuity Website.

The Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre can be purchased at Walmart for $119.98.

I received a complimentary Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre to help facilitate the writing of this post. All opinions and views are my own.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    How cool is that? I am always amazed at how far baby products have come since my boys were babies.

  2. I really love the style of this play yard! I’m still contemplating on purchasing one or adding one to my registry. If I do decide to get one I will def. look into getting this one!

  3. Wow, that’s great price for the play yard! It’s got everything new parents need for their baby, plus I like that it collapses down so compactly for transport or storage.

  4. Lois Alter Mark says

    What a great idea! I definitely could have used something like that when my kids were little!

  5. this looks like an amazing play yard. we didn’t have those back in my day – and it wasn’t that long ago.

  6. Wow! I really wish they had this type of playard when my kids were young. I LOVE how it all folds up for storage.

  7. I absolutely love the accessories that come with play yards now! It’s like an entire room in one!

  8. Uplifting Families says

    I loved having a pack n play during those first several months. My youngest loved sleeping in the bassinet better than his own crib. Of course, he quickly outgrew it.

  9. Play yards are such an important part of the childcare tool bag. I like the portability and extra accessories that are available now.

  10. My toddler is a little too old for this now but I’m loving the word washable in this. With kids things can get dirty and ugly pretty fast so I’m glad they made it this way.

  11. Elisebet F says

    We have a Bright Starts play yard! It’s not quite this fancy (there’s a change table but no bassinet), but it’s still nice. I’m happy with our decision to buy it.

  12. What a fantastic product! I wish we would have had something like this when mine were babies.

  13. What a darling play yard!! We had a play yard but not like this!! We have a few baby showers coming up I need to shop for .

  14. I had a chance to review one last year and I loved it! I ended up giving it to a friend who gave birth and she said it was a life saver.

  15. What an amazing little play yard. If I have a baby again, I’ll definitely look into getting an Ingenuity play yard.

  16. Christina Strapp Lambert says

    This is a really nice play yard. I really like how it has a changing table and a little bassinet.

  17. Love the changing table!

  18. Wow that looks super handy-not to mention cute!

  19. I will love this, I had one similar too for my daughter.

  20. Robin Wilson says

    It’s been 20+ years since I had a little one in the house, but I do have a nephew expecting his first. *Gasping for air at my age* This thing is super cool and I sure wish that there had been something, anything like it around when my son was an infant.

  21. our playyard said it was washable too but i never tried it, seemed too hard to put it back on if i took the stuff off

  22. I love the pattern and that it’s gender neutral! This is such a practical Playard that I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of!

  23. Wow! That playard is amazing. It has everything I would need.

  24. I love that it includes everything you need – the changing table and organization station on the side are genius!

  25. Jessamine D. says

    I love that it’s washable and love all the features. :)

  26. Trasina McGahey says

    Oh how things have changed since I was a new mommy. Now I get to be a Grandma and have fun with all of these new things. I love how easy and user friendly this looks/sounds!

  27. Brittney Cira says

    So many great features, but I like that you can use in place of a bassinet.

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