40 Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

Halloween is drawing closer and today we have a fantastic list of spooky and fun kids Halloween crafts. Taking part in crafts and DIY projects can add a whole new element of fun to the Halloween season. Today on the blog we are sharing a number of ideas from paper plate craft ideas to mummy pen holders, painted rocks to fun Halloween Mason Jars. Spooky, not scary is how we do Halloween for the little ones!

40 Seriously Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

These crafts are all simple and easy to complete and are perfect for a day or afternoon of Halloween themed fun. Be sure to stock up on googly eyes from a local store and make sure you have some good quality black pens and these crafts are sure to go down well.

Easy Mummy Halloween Treat Cups

Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

1. Halloween Mummy Treat Cups
2. Papermache Candy Bowl
3. Mason Jar Jack O Lantern Pumpkin
4. Halloween Treat Cups
5. Paper Bobble Head Black Cat
6. Button Spider
7. Lolly Pop Ghosts
8. Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries
9. Paper Bag Monster Puppets
10. Painted Halloween Rocks

40 Seriously Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

11. Halloween Mummy Cans
12. Spider Handprint
13. Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin
14. Footprint Mummies
15. Natures Leaves Halloween Bats
16. Bouncing Construction Paper Spiders
17. Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Art Project
18. Rainbow Paper Tube Bats
19. Flying Construction Paper Ghosts
20. Paper Miniature Haunted House

40 Seriously Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

21. Paper Strip Spider Web
22. Friendly Ghost Craft
23. Paper Plate Halloween Spider
24. Toilet Paper Roll Mummy
25. Button Spider
26. Sugar Skull Rocks
27. Paper Spider
28. Paper Strip Spider Web
29. Floating Ghost
30. Paper Plate Candy Corn Critter

40 Seriously Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

31. Paper Plate Witch
32. Dollar Store Skeleton Dead Fairy
33. Paper Plate Vampire
34. Paper Plate Bat Puppet
35. Easiest Paper Plate Pumpkin
36. Paper Spider Craft
37. Paper Bag Witch
38. Yarn Wrapped Mummy
39. Day of the Dead Skulls
40. Rock Stones Monster Craft
41. Microfibre Halloween Monsters40 Seriously Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

How fun are these spooky kids Halloween crafts?! These crafts are kids approved and loads of fun!

Which one is your favorite? I absolutely love the Rock Stones Monster Craft For Kids. They are super cute with just the right amount of creepy so you don’t have to worry about the kiddos getting spooked.

Looking for more Halloween craft ideas? Check out these creative Halloween Themed Mason Jar Ideas that are great for any occasion, whether it’s a school party or just for fun at home!

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