Making a School Calendar – Tips to Making It Work for You

When you or your child (or possibly both of you) go back to school this year, don’t panic and make it harder than it has to be. Making a School Calendar is a great way to get organized ahead of time. Try these easy tips that can help you with your personal schedule as well as a school calendar before the new school year starts.

Making a School Calendar – Tips to Making It Work for You

Making a School Calendar – Tips to Making It Work for You

Buy a Calendar. Using technology is one thing, but having a wall, desk, planner or printable calendar that both you and your child can see will help you both stay on track. Plus for some people, if it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist. After you have used the following tips to organize your calendar you can then incorporate them into an electronic calendar that you can take with you anywhere you go, but you first need to have a hard copy of your calendar available and fully organized.

Color Code the Calendar. Use colors to help you organize your to-do lists, events, and even your days off. Use your favorite color to mark odd weekends, days off and holidays. Use a red pencil to highlight the dates you must remember- the ones set in stone. Use a purple color to highlight the dates that can be rearranged, if needed, like doctor’s appointments.

Use a green color for all birthdays and anniversaries you need to remember. Use blue for one extracurricular activity, yellow for another, and so on. Each activity should have its own color. Use a highlighter to mark dates where essays, projects, and tests are due.

Leave the Calendar Where You Can See It. Leave the calendar where it can be seen and refer to it each night. Anytime you get a homework assignment, or your child receives one, place it on the calendar. Add a star on the calendar two days before the homework or project is due. That is your personal deadline to have it turned in. If you need to adjust things, do it each night so that your calendar is ready for the following morning.

Get the Schedules a Month In Advance. If possible, work out the schedules for homework and other events and activities at least one month in advance. Make a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendar and at the beginning of each month update them all as best as you can. Each night you can adjust the daily lists.

Making a School Calendar – Tips to Making It Work for You

Make an Electronic Calendar. Make an Electronic Calendar. Once you are done making the hard version of your schedule, make an electronic version and sync it up with not only your devices but your child’s, as well, if they have any. This will keep you on the same page even on the go. Then, set alerts for important dates and other reminders so that you don’t forget anything.

There is a lot of planning and work that goes into making a school calendar. What tips do you have? Tell us all about them on Facebook or Twitter.

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