My Friend Teddy – The Perfect Toy for Little Ones

When you have little ones in the home you can never be too conscious of the playthings you bring into your home for them to interact with. These days it may seem easy to find age-appropriate toys for your children that you can trust but unfortunately those age indicators you find on the front aren’t always true to the toy or the child who’ll be playing with them; they’re more like general guidelines. If you’re like me and you’re pretty diligent in researching before you purchase anything for your little one then Genisis Toys is the place to start looking for everything toy related

My Friend Teddy - The Perfect Toy for Little Ones

Genisis Toys operates under the simple mission to entertain children around the world and become a memorable part of their childhood. Genisis has since reached out to other like-minded individuals to establish itself as a leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative hi-tech children’s entertainment products. With a mission that heartfelt and geared solely towards making your child’s childhood memories stand out among the rest, why would you ever take your entertainment needs anywhere else?

My Friend Teddy

I was recently given the opportunity to work with Genisis Toys to review their My Friend Teddy and to share my nieces experience with this new smart toy. My friend Teddy is the too stinkin’ cute, personalized teddy bear that will have your little one cuddling up to their new furry friend in a flash.

My Friend Teddy - The Perfect Toy for Little Ones

Teddy grows with your child and is so easy to set up even your little one could do it! You can even personalize Teddy to your child. He’s a fabulous cuddly toy that also serves as a developmental tool for your preschooler!

Some key features My Friend Teddy boast include:

  • Can be completely personalized to your child. Teddy learns your childs likes, dislikes and even facts about their family so they never run out of fun things to talk about together!
  • Teddy laughs, wiggles and talks without being powered from your phone or tablet.
  • Set your childs age and Teddy can adjust his play settings to match so you never have to worry about Teddy being too old or too young for your little one to play with.
  • Speaks in English and Spanish!
  • Teddy is Bluetooth capable and can also connect to the internet using WiFi.
  • Teddy comes complete with instruction guide and is suitable for children 2+

My Friend Teddy - The Perfect Toy for Little Ones

My niece absolutely loves her new stuffed animal, My Friend Teddy. And the fact that he is a talking teddy bear makes her love him even more. I’ve never seen her play with a toy as much as she plays with this one. She takes him everywhere she goes, which means we often get stopped and asked where we bought her new friend.

If you’re looking for a new friend for your little one that is just right for their age and level of development then My Friend Teddy is the perfect choice!

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