Norm of the North on Blu-ray + Printable Activity Sheets

You know when you watch a movie and it engages the little ones and as soon as it is over everyone wants to watch it again? Well, that was Norm of the North for us. We have been seeing the previews for this, I want to say for almost a year now, and we could not wait to watch it. I barely walked through the door before my nieces were yanking and grabbing and jumping up and down to watch it. Thanks to Lionsgate Entertainment, I was sent a copy of Norm of the North on Blu-ray Combo Pack to review.

Norm of the North Blu-ray Review

Norm of the North

Bear to be different!

Life can be a real bear—just ask Norm, a polar bear with unusual talents and a heart as big as the great outdoors. When he hears that human homes are going to be build in his Arctic backyard, Norm comes to the rescue. With a team of ragtag lemmings at his side, Norm heads to the concrete jungle of New York City on a freewheeling, fun-filled mission to stop the madness and save the Arctic.

Facts about Norm of the North:

  • Norm of the North opened in theatres on January 15th, 2016.
  • The film grossed $25.4 Million and had an $18 Million budget.
  • Rob Schneider does the voice of Norm.
  • The film is directed by Trevor Wall and written by Daniel R. Altiere, Steven M. Altiere, and Malcolm T. Goldman.

In Norm of the North, a real estate development invades where Norm is living. When Norm learns that they are building condos, him and three of his most mischievous friends, devise a plan to sabotage the real estate developers Mr. Greene, plan. They do this by hitching a ride on a jet flying nonstop to New York. After many debates and negotiating, and a lot of dancing, Norm, and his friends end up saving their Arctic home.

Check out the Arctic Shake Sing-a-Long clip:

My nieces thought the movie was funny because of the Lemmings peeing all over the place, and because of the fart jokes. But they also liked and understood the message of how important it is to protecting the enviroment, like Norm did with the Arctic. I was a little disappointed by the animation but my nieces didn’t mind. Although the plot was a bit predictable, I still enjoyed the movie. It will especially appeal to young viewers.

Norm of the North is a fun family film, that entertains both kids and adults alike. The movie runs approximately 90 minutes and features special features to enter you into the world of and behind Norm and pals.

Here are some FREE printable activity sheets you can enjoy with your family. Click on the images below to download and print them.

Download Norm of the North Activities

Download Norm of the North Papercraft

Norm of the North is available on DVD at Amazon and most local retail stores.

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