Cat in the Hat: Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today DVD

Dr. Seuss never gets old and I consider him to be one of my favorite children’s author. Most kids grow up learning his silly and, yes, funny rhymes reading books. I have several of those books that I still read today. Thanks to the PBS show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That these popular stories come to life on DVD in Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today, I received a DVD for review.

Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today DVD Review

Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today

Let’s journey with Sally and Nick and the Cat… To learn a little bit about weather, imagine that! First, the kids are painting a picture of a rainbow but can’t seem to remember all the colors to use. Lucky for them, Cat takes them to Color-ga-lore to meet King Kaleidoscope, a rainbow expert. A musical number teaches them the proper color order as well as how rainbows are actually made!

Then it’s time to jump in some puddles with Nick and Sally! But wait, where did the giant puddle disappear to? With the help of Cat’s Seussian camera, they see that their puddle has turned into water vapor. So off they go to Bluey Blue Sky to follow their puddle. They learn the water cycle process and when they return home their puddle is back! Weather is just the start of this trip with the Cat So come on board the Thinga-ma-jigger and hold onto your hat!

Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today is a 90 minute DVD filled with eight stories that are all about the weather. This fun DVD features Martin Short as the voice of the Cat in the Hat!

Kids will get the chance to explore the exciting world of weather and learn about where rainbows come from, the colors of the rainbow, the water cycle, wind power and much more.

My nieces love to follow The Cat in the Hat on his magical adventures and Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today was no different. They absolutely LOVED this DVD. It was both educational and entertaining. The girls were engaged during all of the episodes and especially enjoyed learning about how rainbows are made and the water cycle.

Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today stories include:

  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Puddle Puzzle
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite
  • Water Walkers
  • Minnie Meerkat
  • NO SSSweater is Better
  • Rain Game

Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today Dr. Seuss is available on DVD at Amazon and

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