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Out of Darkness Author Jason D. Morrow

Out of Darkness

I absolutely loved this book, which turned out to be a really good zombie story with a really big twist.

Out of Darkness follows Mora, a teenager on a mission to save her village from the greyskins, aka zombies. A man from another village, Jeremiah, has promised high grade protection, for a price. And Mora is looking for him to negotiate. When she gets surrounded by greyskins, an ability she never knew she had is revealed, and her life changes forever. After being saved by a handsome stranger, she is taken to their village, which is already under Jeremiah’s protection. Soon after, she meets others like herself, who try to convince her to join their cause. However, Mora is so focused on saving her family and her village that she has to see some very horrific consequences before she joins the Starborn, to try and save the world. There are plenty of secrets, a little bit of romance, and lots and lots of zombies. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

This book is just one in a series, and I cannot wait to read the rest. If you like sci-fi, or zombies, or just good storytelling, this is a good book for you. Yes, there were some parts I thought could have been better written, or the author could have taken more time with. But I didn’t care. This was pure entertainment.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Hearts (Book Ratings Guide)

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About the Book:
Death doesn’t wait for our approval. Death takes us when it is ready. Nineteen-year-old Mora knows this all too well, living in a world where the dead have walked the Earth for the past 60 years.

Mora is on a mission to save her village from the relentless greyskins, and there is only one man that can help her: Jeremiah of Screven. As she travels the wastelands, she discovers a power within herself, a power she believes no other human possesses. That is, until she meets others like her – the ones who call themselves the Starborn.

These super-humans are on a mission also: to destroy the undead greyskins, and take down the greedy Jeremiah. Mora must now choose between the one who can keep her family safe, and those that can show her who she truly is.

  • Series: The Starborn Uprising
  • Title: Out of Darkness
  • Author: Jason D. Morrow
  • eBook: 338 pages
  • Publisher: Jason D. Morrow

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  1. I love zombie stories and this one sounds really good!

  2. I am a big sic-fi fan, so I am looking forward to reading this!

  3. That sounds interesting. Perhaps a bit of a comedy? I haven’t read a good book in years.

  4. Libby's Library says

    I’ve never been a “zombie story” kind of gal, but this one sounds different. I might just give it a try!

  5. Sandra Watts says

    This book sounds promising. I love zombie stuff. Might have to give it a try. Thanks.

  6. My Daughter is reading this Book right now and told me it’s pretty intense.

  7. This looks like a very intriguing book with Mora ridding the world of Zombies. This looks like a good book to read and see how she does this!

  8. I read sci fi and I like some zombie books. This looks like a decent read, and one I would enjoy. I have to take a look at this one and see how much the series is!

  9. Sounds like a good book.

  10. Jennifer Hiles says

    Oh my goodness, I read this! The whole series. I got the first one free and then ended up buying part two and 3 back to back. After that I bought the 2nd series. I was hooked. Such a fantastic well written series. It was one of my first “zombie” books and i was skeptical at first but wow. One of the best series I’ve read.

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