Personalized Books for Children from Twigtale

Thanks to the people at Twigtale I was given an opportunity to review one of their personalized books for children.

I have a son who is almost two and a half and a daughter who just turned one and both of them love to read books. When I heard about a children’s book that I could make all about my child, I immediately loved the idea and knew it would be a hit. Twigtale has so many options to choose from in book designs – potty training, new sibling, starting school, you name it! All of them seemed like such cute story ideas, but we decided to make a book about potty training for my son since we are starting to approach the topic with him and have started introducing him to the potty!

Twigtale Personalized Books for Children

The setup of the book is really easy. You create an account with their website and then choose a book you would like to create. They give you a listing of pictures that you might want to include and you can either print that list and come back once you have it figured out or go ahead and enter the site and figure it out as you go along. It definitely makes it easiest if you can have the pictures you want already set out for you to easily find on your computer. You upload the pictures, insert them where appropriate in the book, and off you go! They give you the option to make edits to certain words and phrases along the way so you can make the book especially personalized to your family.

Examples of edits:
They let you edit words describing you. You don’t have to leave the text as Mommy, but have the option to change it to whatever you might call yourself. In my case that is Mama, not Mommy.
You can change what you call the toilet.
You can change how you reference poop and pee.

I loved this editing ability! Once you make all your edits, checkout is super quick and easy. Shipping is fast too!

Twigtale Personalized Books for Children

Once the book arrived it was a super hit! My son loved seeing himself in the book and couldn’t stop “talking” about it. We went through the book with him and let him get a good grasp of what it is about. He hasn’t really gotten where he wants to get into the potty training, but we have the book right in there with his potty and he loves to look through it occasionally.

Twigtale Personalized Books for Children

I loved the book too. I think the printing job it great and it’s obviously attention grabbing for little ones. I think this can be a great addition to any family coping with a change or just looking for a cute book for their child. Not all the options have to do with life events so you can find a great one for everyday too!

Twigtale Personalized Books for Children

Twigtale Personalized Books for Children

Visit their site at and check out all their great options. You can grab one of their personalized books for children for $20 plus shipping and it’s definitely worth that to see how much your child loves seeing themselves in a book! And personally, I like this a lot more than one of those books where you just slide a picture into a slot.

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  1. paula schuck says

    I think these are really cute! They have so many fun personalized things these days. I love that for social issues you can construct your own story and these work well for kids with unique names too,.

  2. I’m so enthralled with this idea! I interned at a parent educational center, and the senior therapists all recommended putting together homemade books when toddlers were facing transitions/changes. I shared their advice with other parents, but was always too lazy (or too scared my end product would look weird) to put together one myself. This makes the project much more doable and enticing!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    This would be such an awesome personalized book that my sister can do with my nephew and put his pictures and make a story that she wants. This would be a special book that can be read and kept for years. What a great idea.

  4. My son would love this! I get family photo books from Shutterfly and he always loves to look at the pictures!

  5. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love the personalization by describing your child on their personality.

  6. Marti Tabora says

    I think these books are awesome, I wish they had been around when my son was little. They are definitely great keepsakes.

  7. Birdiebee says

    This is so cute and very meaningful to personalize the book.

  8. Kids like to look at pictures and books that they can see themselves in.

  9. Kimberley Thomas says

    My grandson is 2 and I would like to get him a personalized book for his birthday

  10. I did a social story for my son about potty training before he was diagnosed as being on the spectrum. In my story one of his favorite stuffed animals taught the other one how to be a big boy and use the potty. I took pictures in our house of these stuffed animals. Then, I covered the homemade book pages with contact paper, then it could be kept in the bathroom to read during training weekends.

  11. These are so cool. I wish I had something like this when I was little.

  12. Nice! My youngest is at the same age, how cool would it be to have a book with him in it for him to “read?” What a great gift idea!

  13. These are so cute and fun! I can see why kids would love them :)

  14. I am very shocked that I can create a book like this and make it personal and this would be great to do and have and treasure for years.

  15. I have always liked personalized bookks and when the kids in the family were younger this made nice giifts and always helped i certain situations when a child might be going throough different stages.

  16. Bertha Wilson says

    I absolutely love it! What a great ideal!! I will be getting a few for my Grandchildren. Hope I can get them done and ordered before Christmas. Thanks so much for the review.

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