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    If you are interested in advertising on Cuzinlogic, please email us at to discuss rates.

    Please note that we do not provide compensated dofollow links under any circumstance.


  • In order to conduct a review, a product is required. We will accept free product coupons, or a gift card in order to purchase the product at a local store. If you prefer to send a gift code to order a product online, the code must cover all taxes, shipping and handling charges. We do not accept sample or trial size products for review. Full-sized products are required so we can form a valid opinion and adequately test out the product. All products sent for review will not be returned. We fully test and use all products received, so a return is not possible.
  • We will include a standard review, 2-3 images, 1-2 Social Media links and link to your site.
  • We require $75 worth of product, NOT including the cost of shipping or giveaway prize. If your product doesn’t meet that requirement by itself, you can send another approved product or multiples of the same product to make up the difference. This does not include books or DVDs.
  • We will do our best to get your product reviewed within 4-8 weeks of receipt, but keep in mind that occasionally this timeframe could be slightly longer. We will send you an email with a link to the review within 1 week of the post going live.
  • We will mention a discount code or promotion as long as it fits in with the product we are reviewing for you. Discounts that require a separate post will be subject to a fee.
  • We are not responsible for any shipping costs. Any packages shipped COD will be refused and returned to sender.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to review any product on our site if the product sent was not what was agreed upon or if it is defective, not of value discussed (we require $75 worth of product), has been used, arrives dirty/stained, poorly made, ill-fitting and/or of low quality. In the case of a negative review (does not meet our expectations) we will contact you by email prior to posting. We do this to ensure that the product we received was not defective. You have the option to send out a replacement product. We will hold off on the post until a new, non-defective item is received, and then write a review based on that item. If we do not hear from you within 5 days we will go ahead and publish an objective review. If the non-defective item is not received within 21 days we will post an objective review. We also reserve the right to refuse the review if you send a product that has poor performance.
  • We do not guarantee or accept compensation for a positive review. We make no promises for sales, traffic, email subscriptions, follows on social media, entries or sales leads.
  • All reviews are permanently accessible. Please use search, or the archives to locate the post.
  • Reviews will always include a disclosure and nofollow links.
  • All reviews are the property of Cuzinlogic! Please do not republish the full review on any website without permission from us.

If we decide to change our review policy, those changes will appear on this page, and we will update the date below.

This policy was last modified on 11/01/2019.

Book Reviews

We gladly accept audio books, ARCs, e-books and finished books from publishers and authors. Our Book Review Team enjoys reading a variety of genres including but not limited to:

Mysteries, Suspense & Thrillers, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Young Adult, New Adult, Urban Lit, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal, Children’s, Biography & Memoirs, Cookbooks and Self Help.

  • If your genre isn’t listed above, feel free to send over your book description because we are open to reviewing other genres. We try to review all of the books that we receive but reserve the right to not review a book. Knowing that, if you still want to send us a review copy we are willing to accept e-books, but prefer a hard copy whenever possible.
  • Our review team writes short, quality reviews because we know that a lot of our readers don’t have the time to read lengthy reviews. We also don’t want to spoil their enjoyment of the book, by giving away too much of the storyline. Our opinions are our own and we cannot guarantee a positive review, and will not be swayed in any way.
  • Please allow 5-12 weeks from the date received for the review to be completed. We will try our best to accommodate your request for posting on a specific date, but make no guarantees. Contact us to discuss your specific request. Please feel free to check with us to verify that we have received the review copy.
  • We will send you an email with a link to the review once it has been posted. If a giveaway is offered, it will run for 10-14 days.
  • As part of the review, we will include the book cover, a link to your site, a link to purchase and by request only up to 2 social media accounts (website, blog, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, etc.). Please forward any information, images, and links that are important to you that we highlight prior to the review being posted.
  • If you would like us to post the review on Amazon or Goodreads, please let us know after we send you a link to the review.
  • If our Book Review Team is unable to accommodate your review request, we can still post information about your book. Please let us know if you are interested in a Cover Reveal, Excerpt, Guest Post, Interview and/or Giveaway.
  • All book reviews are property of Cuzinlogic. Please do no republish the full review on any website without permission from us.

If we decide to change our book review policy, those changes will appear on this page, and we will update the date below.

This policy was last modified on 11/01/2019.

Book Ratings

We use hearts as our rating system here at Cuzinlogic.

Book Ratings Guide5 out of 5 Hearts: Excellent. A must-read!

Book Ratings Guide4 out of 5 Hearts: Very good, but with enough shortcomings that 5 hearts would be stretching things.

Book Ratings Guide3 out of 5 Hearts: An enjoyable read, but it definitely could have been better.

Book Ratings Guide2 out of 5 Hearts: Book might have flashes of good, but there were more things I didn’t like than I liked.

Book Ratings Guide1 out of 5 Hearts: Book is poorly written and just tough to make it through.


Want to create buzz about a product or service? Giveaways are a great way to highlight your products, create awareness to your brand and attract followers to your social media accounts. You are welcome to offer a product/book (or two) of your choice, as long as you agree to ship the prize to the winner. Reviews combined with a giveaway are FREE of charge.

  • We are not responsible for shipping the giveaway prize to the winner. Please do not ship the giveaway prize to us along with the review product, unless you provide a prepaid shipping label, and we have specifically come to that agreement. We will provide you with the winner’s information after the giveaway has concluded.
  • Please let us know what the prize is and who is eligible to enter – US, Canada or Worldwide when inquiring about setting up the giveaway. All gift codes/gift cards must be enough to cover at least one item from your shop/website, including shipping, and must be valid for up to two months from date sent to the winner. Void where prohibited.
  • Please let us know before the giveaway starts if there is a limit on how many times someone can win a prize, from another blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If the Prize is a Book, CD, DVD or any other product that cannot be shipped until its release date, please let us know in advance.
  • Giveaways will run for 7-14 days and will be promoted on Cuzinlogic, our social media sites, active giveaway linkys, and blogging communities.
  • We make no promises for sales, traffic, email subscriptions, follows on social media, entries or sales leads.
  • We will select the giveaway winner randomly and notify them by email within one week from giveaway end date. They will have 48 hours to reply back. When they reply back, we will forward you their shipping information. We ask that you ship the prize to the winner within a reasonable amount of time after you receive that information (no later than 6 weeks). If there is a problem with fulfilling the prize, please contact us ASAP. We will inform the winner of any delays.
  • We prefer a free entry for the mandatory entry option. All other entries will be optional. If you require additional entries for social media follows, please note we comply with all Terms of Service policies for those platforms. Contact us to discuss your specific request prior to the giveaway being posted.
  • We do not “export entries to excel” and provide email addresses to sponsors or add that “by entering the giveaway entrants are giving sponsor permission to email them.” This violates our privacy policy, so please don’t ask. We can ask our readers to subscribe to your mailing list as an optional entry.
  • Giveaways do take time and valuable space, so product or monetary compensation is expected. We will accept the same item we are giving away or a product with the same value as our administrative fee in lieu of monetary compensation. Please email to work out the details. Giveaways without a review product will be posted within 2-3 days of receiving payment or product.

If we decide to change our giveaway policy, those changes will appear on this page, and we will update the date below.

This policy was last modified on 11/01/2019.

We hope this helps you better understand our policies. If you have any questions, please use the contact form or email us directly at to discuss your interest in working with us.


Write for Cuzinlogic

    Thanks for your interest in bringing fresh story ideas to Cuzinlogic!

    We are looking for informational post on the following topics, which offer our readers insight into a particular topic from a fresh angle.

    • Family Traditions
    • Food/Recipes including Cocktails & Mocktails
    • Healthy Living
    • Crafts
    • Books/Authors
    • Family Time
    • Entertainment
    • Organization
    • Self Improvement
    • Living in California

    If you have a topic other than what’s listed above, please let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Submission Criteria

    • Post submitted must be unique. All rights remain yours, but we require that post remain never republished for the lifetime of our blog. If you submit content that is published elsewhere, your article will not be posted.
    • Your submissions should bring added value to the site. We are not interested in people who want to grab a quick link; instead we want articles that are interesting to our readers. We would also like you to interact with our readers, if there are comments left on your post. Keep in mind that interacting with readers is optional.
    • There is no minimum post length. Your post should be as long as you need it to be in order to convey your message.
    • As a thank you for your submission, we will include your byline, a short bio, and a link to your blog or website. This includes the author bio. We have the right to modify, or remove links if they are not relevant to the post topic.
    • You must own the copyright to anything you submit to Cuzinlogic. Also by submitting anything to Cuzinlogic, you give Cuzinlogic permission to use it on the site, social media sites or in promotional material. If you’re submitting an image to be published with your post, you must ensure the image infringes no copyright laws.
    • You agree that content is unique and never been published, and will never be republished elsewhere for the lifetime of our blog.
    • Feel free to submit your post in Word or plain text format.
    • Please do not use to spam your products or our readers. These posts are designed for bloggers, or authors who have something of interest to say about a particular topic, and wish to showcase their writing and share their personal blog, or website with our readers. You can link to your personal blog or website, but post cannot contain affiliate links, shortened links, keyword links, or links to unethical sites. If you are a business wishing to promote your product, company or website, please contact us for details on sponsored post rates.
    • We will only edit posts to correct grammar, spelling or to add links to related articles on our blog.

    If you have any questions or would like to submit a post, please use the contact form or email us directly at with “Write for Cuzinlogic” in the subject line.

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