5 Safety Tips for Teens Traveling Alone

Summer vacation has already begun, and summer officially starts June 21. This is a time for fun in the sun, vacations and getaways, and an increased crime and accident rate as people take vacations to unwind. If your teen is traveling this year, don’t let them become one of the many casualties of summer break – keep them safe and informed with a few simple safety tips.

Safety Tips for Teens Traveling Alone

Safety Tips for Teens Traveling Alone

Don’t Meet People Alone

If your teen has a new friend they met online, tell them not to go meeting this person (or anyone) alone and in a secluded location. Teach them about the dangers of cyber-stalking and why it is important to always go with a friend and to always let someone know of their whereabouts at all times.


Does your teen know not to drink and drive? What about just drinking, in general? Drinking can cause a lot of harm to adolescents, and while your child may think you are being overly dramatic and cautious, it is still important for them to know about the hazards of drinking when they are so young. Discuss what effects alcohol can have on their bodies.


Many places are making sexting a crime for teenagers. Does your teen know this? They may be out with friends, meet someone they like and think sexting is safer and better than actual sex. It can get them in a lot of trouble! Warn your teens about the dangers of sexting and what it can mean for them if they are ever caught doing it.

Distracted Walking

Many teens pick up a phone when they wake up and don’t put it down throughout the day. This may seem normal, but accidents due to distracted walking (mostly from texting while walking) are on the rise. Discuss with your children why they should be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. Tell them that this applies to not only while walking but also while just simply hanging out with friends. Predators often go for people who are not paying attention.

How to Protect Their Money

If your kids are out at the beach and have money, do they know how to protect it? Or their phones and other personal values? They need to know what to do with their items to keep them safe, and what they should do if those items are taken. Who do they call? What is their backup plan? How should they report the theft? Discuss all of this with your child, no matter if they’re going down the block or five states away for vacation plans.

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