Show Off Your Favorite Photos On Your Amazon Fire TV

Have you struggled with how to show your pictures on the biggest screen in your home? You already took the pictures and now you just want to display them. If you live in the USA, you’re going to love the new options you have with your Amazon Fire TV. Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.

Prime Photos with Alexa – Show Off Your Favorite Photos On Your Amazon Fire TV

Utilize your Fire TV

I am so glad we have our Fire TV because it can do so many things other televisions cannot do. With the Alexa Voice Remote and the Prime Photos App, you can get your photos right on your television. Let’s say you’re wanting to view or search for photo albums, you can do that now! You can also be more specific and search for things like “show photos of Madisyn.”

Fall in love with the Prime Photos App

I can’t believe how much fun the Prime Photos App is! Any photo you have in your Prime Photos account can be showcased. The “Echo Show” is what showcases your photos, and responds to commands like “Alexa, show my photos.” The Echo Show and Alexa work very similar. You just need to use the command “Alexa” at the start of each command. Let’s say you want to have a showcase of your family’s summer trip to San Diego. Simply say “Alexa, show my photos from last summer.”

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Take Advantage of Prime Photos

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Prime Photos, here is the run down. Your Amazon Prime membership, includes unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. You also get 5 GB of digital storage for videos and files. If you’re in the USA, all Amazon Prime members get 5 GB free digital storage for photos, videos, and files. Now having your photos at the mention of a word is possible!

I feel like finally the digital age has come around to something we can all enjoy! We love our Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and especially love using the Prime Photos App with it. If you’re new to all this, I promise you’re going to love it.

Watch this video to learn a little more about Amazon Prime Photos on Fire TV!

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