Soul Sessions by Carson Gage Book Review

I love to read. However, I haven’t read many thought-provoking books this year. I’ve pretty much been sticking to mysteries and YA. But recently I downloaded the Kindle version of a book that explores the concept of reincarnation, soul mates and past life regressions.

Have you ever thought of the possibility of the soul being reincarnated? I mean, most of us have had vivid dreams at least once in our lifetime. But have you ever been somewhere, met someone, or done something entirely new (at least in this life) and you are suddenly hit with a déjà vu moment? I am not talking about what we have imagined in our subconscious mind or in a dream like state, but rather, the possibility of living, breathing, and loving in another body, another era or century, in any place in the world?

Soul Sessions Author Carson Gage

I want to introduce you to author Carson Gage, an author who had a near death experience at a very young age. His experiences lead him to question the unknown about life and death in his novel “Soul Sessions”. As many of you already know, there are certain religions that believe that we all have lived in a past life, and that our soul reincarnates once our body dies.

Soul Sessions

In the book, you will learn about Nick Dalton, his current life, his loves, and his lifestyle. Learn about his past-life regression treatment, performed by Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist. This novel is full of intrigue, mystery, love, happiness, sadness, and a whole myriad of human emotions that many of us face in day to day life.

Although Soul Sessions is very different from the types of books that I usually read, it was a delightful read. I found it to be an easy and engaging read. I read it one night before bed, taking only about 2 hours to finish.

What mysteries does Nick Dalton uncover as he discovers some of the answers that have been haunting him for some time? Soul Sessions may even get you thinking about the possibility of past lives as you awaken the soul from its timeless journey.

Soul Sessions Author Carson Gage

I recommend Soul Sessions to anyone who is looking for a little soul searching, whether or not you believe in reincarnation.

Soul Sessions Author Carson Gage

About Soul Sessions:
An engaging journey of love and spiritual awakening, Soul Sessions starts in current day Chicago, where Nick Dalton is a troubled yet highly successful Investment Banker with a gorgeous girlfriend and an extravagant lifestyle. Despite all his success, Nick falls into a deep depression after a life altering event. Just as it looks as though Nick’s life might end in suicide, enter Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist who is expert in both traditional and new age methods of treatment for depression. Together, using past-life regression techniques, they explore several of Nick’s prior incarnations, where he unwittingly discovers a beautiful woman who repeatedly appears as his lover and soul mate. To potentially reawaken his epic love affair, Nick is compelled to search for her in this lifetime. Thus begins an astonishing story of love and intrigue, where Nick stumbles across inconceivable answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries … and once again finds the course of his life altered.

  • Title: Soul Sessions
  • Author: Carson Gage
  • Print: 220 pages
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

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  1. Angie Bailey says

    This sounds like a great book. I may make this my next read. I’m very interested in reincarnation. :)

  2. Sounds interesting. I would like to read this book

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