3 Summer Staycation Ideas for Adults

A staycation this summer may be just what you need to relax without spending a ton of money. If you are looking to do something fun with your spouse or friends (without the kids), look into one of these great staycation ideas just for Adults to enjoy your summer a bit more this year.

Summer Staycation Ideas for Adults

Summer Staycation Ideas for Adults

Take a local tour

That little restaurant you used to eat it in college, or that ice cream parlor you went on for date number three, or that park where you proposed can all be wonderful stops along your own city tour. Pack snacks, drinks, a camera, and hit the pavement to relive all those moments that mean so much to you both. While you’re at it, add to the fun and visit some new places you may never have known existed in your town. This is something that spouses can do for a romantic staycation, but friends can also do it, too, to remember the good times and make new memories together.

Community Theater and Touring Broadway Productions

Have you been to a live performance lately? Maybe it’s time you check one out. Community theaters and touring Broadway productions aren’t all that expensive and they can be a good way to expand your artistic knowledge while you get out and have some fun. Make it a full evening to remember with dinner, cocktails, and getting dressed up. Don’t forget the camera! You will definitely want to capture this night to reminisce for years to come.

In-town Bed and Breakfasts

When tourists come to your town, where do they stay? Check into a hotel or a bed and breakfast and be a tourist right in your own city. Were you aware that you can have a spa day for no reason? Do it! Treat yourselves to a massage, haircut, and pampering, then retire to your room for the night and order room service. While it may the pricier option of the three, it is still a lot cheaper than a vacation far away from home and it gives you the actual feeling of being away on vacation.

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