Tea Party Personalized Book from Hallmark

This Tea Party Personalized Book takes story time to whole new level.

When faced with the arrival of a special occasion it’s always the first thought in our mind that we should do something special to mark the occasion or to celebrate it. Whether it’s the arrival of a new baby, the birthday of someone special, a promotion or an anniversary, we’re often inspired to go out and search for a gift that conveys our pride or happiness for the person in question. When I’m on the hunt for the perfect gift to mark one such special occasion my first stop is Hallmark.

Founded more than a century ago by a teenage entrepreneur, Hallmark was built from little more than a dream and a shoebox filled with hand-written postcards. Today, Hallmark is a company that specializes in greeting cards, and other thoughtful products that are sold in over 30,000 retail locations around the US. By helping their customers laugh, love, heal and reach out, Hallmark has come a long way in helping make the world a better place.

Tea Party Personalized Book from Hallmark

I was recently given the opportunity to pick the perfect personalized gift from Hallmark for my niece. I was sent one of their lovely personalized books for kids to review and to share my experience with my readers. For my review, I received the Tea Party Personalized Book.

This personalized book is the perfect gift if you’re looking for a just because surprise for your little girl, granddaughter or niece. Completely customizable for your intended recipient, the Tea Party Personalized Book is a unique gift that allows you to create a character that resembles your little one. Not only can you paint your little one as the center of the story but you can also add her name for an extra special, personalized, touch.

Tea Party Personalized Book from Hallmark

The Tea Party Personalized Book follows the main character in the story and tells what is needed for the perfect Tea Party. From cakes to candies, no detail is left out when planning your little ones special day.

My niece loves books and she loves playing tea party, so she absolutely loves this book! When she laid eyes on the book it was tea party time. Only this time we had story time during our two-hour tea party. And everyone at the party had a great time!

She gets thrilled looking at the pages and at the little girl that resembles her. She also loves all of the colorful pictures and hearing her name when you read the sweet story to her. Overall this is a great gift that little ones will treasure forever.

It is truly the perfect gift for kids. I will definitely be ordering more of these books for future gift-giving to kids! No matter what your special occasion is, Hallmark will make sure its extra special with their selection of thoughtful gifts.

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