Ten Reasons to Be Happy on Being Pregnant

Pregnancy for any women is embarking into a new world, she explores herself in a new way she never has before. She is going through so many emotions that it gets overwhelming at most times. We all have our highs and lows and women who have been there think, ‘Never again!’ during pregnancy. Many couples I know shun the idea downright due to the responsibility and commitment issues. However I have waited for three long years after marriage to welcome this special kid in this world. Trust me your kid will make you complete, and the world around you will never be the same ever again.

Many pregnant ladies have morning sickness and feel nauseated during the first trimester; if this was not enough when your due date is nearing and you cannot feel a contraction the end almost seems never near. Being pregnant is a fun experience and let’s remind ourselves of top reasons to be the top of the world.

  • Knowing you are pregnant is a special moment for both the parents; I know we could not sleep the entire night when the strip showed positive. Relax and live this moment as for many this may be the first time you are on such a high. It is your own little secret; enjoy the attention received by your hubby.
  • It is going to take whole nine months to welcome this new one in your life, right from the conception we parents weave dreams about the newborn and how we want him to grow up. Dream big and prepare yourself for him.
  • The growing bump is going to pose new problems and back ache and stretch marks, take care of this and treat yourself like a queen, don’t worry you will be pampered like one. Have soothing lotions that can help, the aloe vera ones are really efficient and then you can go for a shower.
  • Antenatal classes are an important part of pregnancy and you can go and form your very own mums to be group that will help you in all the way through labour and share pregnancy stories.
  • Have you ever felt good about putting on weight, we all starve ourselves to get into size zero, pregnancy is the time when you can get to relish all the chocolate fudges, shakes and all those pastries you resisted. Dont worry you can shed down that extra weight once you deliver. Indulge yourself in for some treat you deserve it.
  • Have a laugh at this later, but take a photo of your over sized bump, feel it it is for real. No need for you to keep a pillow ever again to see how it feels like to be pregnant. Take a snap for keep sake.
  • Knowing for a fact that your family is going to be complete in dues time, and a new life is going to call you mom and dad sooner. Talking to the special person inside your belly and sharing your dreams you have planned for him.
  • Lastly you have the child in your arms and utterly falling in love. Watching every one you know going extatic over the arrival of the newborn. Your husband, your parents and loved ones celebrating this new life.
  • Sharing the joy with sweets to everyone you know and making all the phone calls to whomsoever it may concern and hearing their excitement for you

Lastly seeing the baby next to you every morning you wake up will make you feel top of the world. Finally the feeling will sink in you are a mum!

About the Author: Mary is a freelance writer who has been sharing her thoughts online about topics she is well versed and passionate about for some years now. Her other interests include Motherhood,Parenting, Nutrition and Pregnancy, Writing and Careers.

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  1. Christine @ Why we love green says

    Yes, there definitely are upsides to being pregnant! I really enjoyed not having to suck in my belly or worry about my stomach poking out. It was supposed to! LOL . I’m your newest follower from the Sunday Funday Hop!

  2. Stopping over to say congratulations on being the featured blog today over at Cute-Ecakes for the Sunday Funday. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I am a new follower now and looking forward to reading more. :)

  3. Fun to read this! We’re expecting #4, good reminders!

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