5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving activities for kids is a fun, yet educational way for children to learn about the holiday during the fall season.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, but many people are starting to see a disconnect with their children and the holiday. Many kids are starting to just see it as that holiday in between Halloween and Christmas. How can you change that? Have fun with your kids this Thanksgiving AND teach them about the holiday at the same time.

Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids


The true meaning of the holiday is giving and being thankful for what you have, so show that to your children by volunteering with them. There are always plenty of volunteer options, especially this time of the year. You can start by asking churches or local social groups of they have any ideas, and ask the schools, too. If your kids can have their friends or classmates along, it may make things more fun for them. When they associate fun with giving, they will be more likely to do it.

Make a “Thankful For” Book

This is the perfect time to have your children reflect on what it is in their lives that make them thankful. Ask your children to draw a picture or write a few sentences each day about the things in their lives they are thankful for, then date it for them. Place it in a scrapbook and have your kids decorate each page. This is a “Thankful For” book made by your kids that you can keep for years to come and build on each year.

Fall Crafts

Thankful for books, thankful for trees made of leaves and construction paper, paper turkeys, pine cone turkeys, and so on…. the possibilities are endless to make a Fall craft. Do at least one and spend time with your kids. Use their craft as Thanksgiving dinner decorations to show off their skills and show them how they contribute to the dinner.

Read Books About Thanksgiving

There are books for just about every holiday, even Thanksgiving, so read a few. This is one of the best ways to remind your kids what the holiday is about.

Get Outside

A walk in the leaves, or attending a festival or parade, can bring you and your children closer together. Besides, many people eat a lot during this holiday… wouldn’t it be nice to get out and walk some of that food off? Parades abound this time of year, and if you can’t find one in your area you can watch one on TV. Take a walk around your neighborhood and then come in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a family.

How do you recognize Thanksgiving in your home? Do you have any Turkey Day traditions that include thanksgiving activities for kids?

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