The Water’s Fine by Janice Coy

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The Water's Fine Author Janice Coy

The Water’s Fine

I absolutely adore a book that teaches me something. I love when an author makes it obvious that they truly know what they’re talking about in relation to a subculture that not everyone is familiar with. That’s why I loved this book.

Scuba diving is not something I’ve ever done but just reading this book makes me sort of feels like I have. Janice Coy is clearly well versed in the worlds of scuba diving and deep sea boating that it showed through her writing even to someone like me who has never gotten farther from land than a dock.

This book was an adventure and not one I’m likely to forget soon!

Catalina, the scuba instructor, was the most central of the characters and I really enjoyed her perspective. It’s so hard to write a character that knows their stuff about something that takes so much research but Coy absolutely nailed it! I love Catalina’s intelligence and capability but also her vulnerability and charm. The way she dealt with the missing scuba diver was both impressive and harrowing to read.

Bertie, the other central character, added a bit more levity and fun to the novel. I really liked how quirky and kind she was and how intelligent she also ended up being. These two women created a more female-driven novel in a genre that I feel don’t see that often enough! How often do you read about female scuba divers? It was really cool to get a look into their world.

Coy’s writing was pitch perfect. She seemed to lull me into a false sense of security with the beautiful prose about the ocean before suddenly dropping the hammer in the form of a crisis happening on the boat.

What a book and what a dynamic author. Can’t wait to read more of her work! I highly recommend ‘The Water’s Fine and give it 5 stars!

About the Book:

  • Title: The Water’s Fine
  • Author: Janice Coy
  • Print and ebook: 312 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published

Catalina Rodrigues believes she’s living her best life, traveling to exotic locations around the world as a scuba dive master, spending every moment possible in her beloved ocean.

Bertie Clark is excited for a week-long scuba trip with her husband exploring the underwater wonders of an ocean teeming with life – the Sea of Cortez.

But a tragedy on their dive boat sends both women into uncharted territory, questioning what they’ve always thought to be true, and fostering an unlikely friendship. Will either trust the invitation to “come on in, the water’s fine” again?

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The Water’s Fine Excerpt:

“First on board are a couple who look to be in their early thirties. The woman is a whirl of motion. She ignores the captain’s outstretched hand, and instead steps lightly on board as if she’s jumping into a dance.

“Hola,” she says, her voice full of cheer. “I’m Bertie.”

She holds her hand up to each crew member for a high five as if we’re all on a team about to embark on a grand adventure. Let the games begin! Her straight brown hair swings just above her shoulders in a fashionable cut, not split ends there. I smooth the stray hairs that have escaped my ponytail.

I’m prepared not to like her, but when she looks me in the eyes, her hand held up for a high five, I can’t resist the sparkle I find there. I laugh and slap her hand.”

About the Author: Award winning Janice Coy is the author of five suspense novels. Her work is also published in four anthologies. She was a finalist at the San Diego Book Awards Association annual contest. She’s received the IndieReader Seal of Approval. A former journalist, Ms. Coy has received several awards for her reporting including a national award for best feature story in a community newspaper.

Ms. Coy is an advanced certified scuba diver; she’s run five half-marathons and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. She lives in Southern California with her husband.

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The Water's Fine Author Janice Coy

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