Valentine’s Day Matching Game Free Printable

This Valentine’s Day matching game is perfect for all ages, especially preschool and kindergarten. Have some fun at school or at home and improve their memories at the same time.

Valentine's Day Matching Game For Kids Free Printable

My nieces and nephews love matching games, but the pieces get lost so quickly. With this free printable, you don’t need to worry about paying money for a game that will only last for the afternoon. Just come back and print them again.

Valentine’s Day Matching Game

Just print out the 2 full color 8.5″ x 11″ pages and cut out the squares. I recommend printing on card stock. There are a total of 16 game pieces, which makes 8 pairs. There are also two title squares, which could be played with as well.

How To Play The Game

Print out both pages and cut out all the squares.

Lay them out face down on a table.

Take turns choosing pairs of cards. If the two pictures on the bottom are a match, you get to keep the cards and take another turn. If the two cards don’t match, turn them face down again.

Try to remember where the pictures are.

Keep turning over the cards and taking turns until all the cards are gone.

The person who makes the most pairs wins.

Note: This game works best with 1-2 players, but if you have more players, you can simply print out a few more copies.

Valentine's Day Matching Game For Kids Free Printable

Valentine's Day Matching Game For Kids Free Printable

You can also print this matching game and hand it out instead of handing out Valentine’s Day cards. It’s a great way to let friends and family know they are your perfect match!

To get your own FREE copy of this Valentine’s Day Matching Game printable, click on the link below. A box will open and you can download the file and save it to your computer to print later or print now.

Click to Print: Valentine Themed Matching Game Free Printable

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