Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles Recipe

Summer officially begins today, and we all know what that means – it’s popsicle season! Not that popsicles are ever out of season, at least not at our house. We eat them all year long. I don’t know if it’s hot where you live, but it’s getting warmer and warmer outside, so today I decided to treat my family to watermelon whole fruit popsicles.

Do you know what’s even better than a popsicle? A homemade popsicle! And not just any homemade popsicle one with real fruit inside! Today I’m sharing a homemade popsicle recipe using fresh fruit that both kids and adults will love. These refreshing watermelon whole fruit popsicles are totally delicious! And they’re so easy to make! The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze!

You can make your popsicles with any flavor you like – we used fresh watermelon, peaches, pears and pineapples. Real fruit will give you the freshest taste, but you can use canned or frozen fruit to create a batch of low-cost and ridiculously tasty popsicles.

Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles Recipe

Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles

Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles

Prep time: 20 mins

Cook time: 6 hours

Total time: 6 hours 20 mins

Serves: 8

•½ large or 1 small seedless watermelon, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks
•1 peach, peeled, pitted and diced small
•1 pear, peeled and diced small
•1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
•1 teaspoon vanilla extract
•1 tablespoon caster sugar or baker’s sugar (optional)
•2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
•1 cup guava juice

1.In a blender, combine the watermelon, sugar, vanilla extract, lime juice and guava juice. Blend until the mixture is smooth and the sugar is completely dissolved. Set aside.
2.Set out about 8 popsicle molds (amount needed will vary depending on size of molds). Fill each one with the chopped fresh fruit. Then pour the watermelon mixture into the popsicle molds. Place into your freezer and freeze for at least 6 hours.
3.To unfreeze, defrost for about 5 minutes before trying to remove the Popsicle from the molds. You can also run the popsicle molds under warm water for 10 seconds and then pull each one out. Serve immediately.

Depending on the size of the molds and how many you have, you might have extra watermelon mixture and fruit left. The extra can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator until the first batch is frozen. Take the first batch of frozen popsicles out of the mold and put them in a freezer bag. Replace in the freezer and fill the molds with the remaining mixture and fruit. Don’t worry if there isn’t any fruit left, the watermelon mixture can be enjoyed as a popsicle too!

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  1. I’ve been making just lemonade ones with slices of kiwi in them. Oh so good! I really want to make these now, though! :)

  2. Susan Smith says

    These sound yummy and easy to make. A great treat espcially in the Summer.

  3. Shannon R says

    These look delicious. The kids would go nuts over watermelon popsicles. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. My brother in law pureed cantaloupe before for a drink. I bet that would be awesome as a popsicle! I love watermelon too :)

  5. This looks so good! When I. Was a kid my mom would use these to make Popsicles out of fruit juices. :) I would love to make these, so yummy!

  6. Hmmm…I wonder if I could actually get my 6 year old to eat fruit if I made these?

  7. Elizabeth says

    These sound so refreshing, and not too sweet–I’m eager to see how the guava and pear factor in!

  8. Anindyta Audie Dhea Amanda says

    Thank god I’m not fasting when I see this. Haha, I think it’s really fresh to taste. Because all kind of fruits and all. Well, I don’t know, how about add some pineaplle taste ?

  9. Delicious!! I’ve shared the recipe with my mom. We’re gonna try it next weekend eventho we don’t have summer here.

  10. This looks great! I pinned it to my Kid Friendly Recipes board on Pinterest! Thank you.

  11. BookLady says

    These popsicles sound delicious and healthy too! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. Sapphyria says

    When I was a kid, my mom would always make popsicles for my younger sister and I. They never had any fruit chunks in them though. These look yummy!


  13. These look great! When I was little I used to make popsicles from just guava juice and they were FANTASTIC, so these must be wonderful!

  14. They sound delicious and I like the chunks of frozen fruit!

  15. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    What a great healthy alternative to the sugar filled ones im guily of buying my kids all the time and its so simple.

  16. These look great – I have made limeade blueberry popsicles and lemonade blueberry which were also great!

  17. Kamla L. says

    I’ll have to try this. Sounds like a simple, refreshing and nutritious summer treat. Thanks!

  18. Stacey A Smith says

    Sound tasty and good for you.thanks for the idea.

  19. Kathleen says

    I LOVE real fruit popsicles! We but the Dole Fruit Bars, but these are probably a lot less money when you make them. Thanks for posting!

  20. These sounded so good that I pinned them so that I could make them when the grandkids come in a few weeks. Thanks!

  21. Yummy… I love that kind of food. So refreshing in this kind of weather.

  22. Liza Lisa says

    My mom used to make us these kind of pops every summer. I think it is time I do the same for my cousins kids. Thanks for the receipt!

  23. Thanks for this idea. I am always looking for popsicle treats in the summer that are somewhat healthy. This seems to fit!

  24. I need to try and make these. My son loves watermelon.

  25. omg this is so cool i love fruits and its summer, the perfect time for this, thanks for this

  26. I would love to make my own popsicles and these seem to be a healthy alternative to other snacks I’d choose! Thank you for the recipe

  27. I’d love to try these — maybe with strawberries instead of the pear

  28. Looks like a good summer recipe

  29. Jolene A says

    I have to try this! I have made the homemade ones but just used juice and have never really mixed it up or tried anything else with it. Sounds yummy and like something my kids would love!

  30. We’ve made these a lot with juice, but I’ve never tried putting fruit in with it. That’s a great idea, and seems healthier!

  31. Tiffaney says

    Thanks for the great idea. We will have to try these this summer.

  32. Denise Z says

    My mom had similar molds when I was a kid and always used kool-aid. I certainly like the whole fruit idea much better :)

  33. I’ll have to find a replacement for the watermelon since I don’t like it. Other than that, good idea.

  34. Elizabeth says

    I like the combination of fruits here–sounds excellent!

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