Ways to Pay It Forward During Back to School Season

As you get ready for the new school year, why not also think about ways to pay it forward? At some point in the school year you will see it – that child who comes to school without supplies. The parent who struggles to feed themselves and their children. The teacher who cannot afford to buy classroom supplies out of pocket. School is not a cheap endeavor. In addition to the finances, you also have people who have a hard time balancing school and work. At one point, you may have been in one of these situations yourself. This year, try paying it forward during the school year for the good of everyone’s education. Here are five acts of kindness that are easy ways to pay it forward during back to school season.

5 Ways to Pay It Forward During Back to School Season

Ways to Pay It Forward During Back to School Season

Buy School Supplies

One of the easiest ways to “pay it forward” this year is to buy school supplies for someone that you know is struggling. Even a few packs of crayons, some notebooks, and inexpensive folders can really help out a parent and a student who may not have help otherwise.

Treat the Teacher

On the first day of school, send kids with a goody bag for the teacher. Include a note about yourself, your kids, and what you hope for everyone throughout the year. It will make you and your children memorable, and it is a sweet way to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher and reach out to them to let them know you’re there to help in any way. Throw in a gift card, too, so that they can buy classroom supplies or even just a coffee for those mornings where they seem to be dragging a bit.

Treat the Class

Ask the teacher for a list of student sin the classroom and buy them all a class treat. Make it a snack for no reason, or tell them if they all receive a B or higher on a test you will buy them pizza to celebrate all of their hard work. Boosting classroom morale is a great way to help everyone throughout the school year.

Help Out a Working Parent

If you know of a mom or dad that needs a bit of help with their child, whether it is with clothing or supplies, or even just child car, offer to help. One day you may need help with your child. Raising well-rounded, educated, and kind children takes a strong network, so be part of that network for other parents.

Get Involved

One of the best ways to pay it forward for everyone is to be involved. Join the PTA, or help out with events. The more you help, the more you will encourage and inspire others to do the same, and the best way to keep a child motivated in school is to have parental involvement, so set the example!

Do you have any easy ways to pay it forward during back to school season and throughout the school year? Tell us all about them on Facebook or Twitter.

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