Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School by Billie Rayatt

Today we are excited to introduce you to Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School by Billie Rayatt, Illustrated by Gennel Marie Sollano.

Whizzy Willow's First Day at School Author Billie Rayatt

Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School

Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School: Leaf the iPad Alone! New Book Gets Kids Reading, Learning & Laughing Uncontreelably!

Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School’ is a charming and beautiful book for young children, teaching them about everyone’s unique qualities, tree names, their times tables and even sentence starters – all through a story inspired by trees. From Whizzy Willow himself to Mr. Oak, the book’s unique cast of characters will have young readers laughing, learning and always looking upwards!

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Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School Excerpt:

Mr. Oak asks Whizzy Willow and Dario to take the glue box to Ms. Petal’s office. They walk steadily down the corridor and see a red light coming from another room. They both are drawn towards the direction of the light, and stick their heads into the door. To their surprise they can hear a strange scratching noise, coming from the far end of the room. In the corner there’s a large cardboard box. Slowly, they walk closer and closer, and the noise becomes louder and louder! “We shouldn’t be here,” whispers Willow.

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About the Author: Billie Rayatt adores working with children. Her passion is seeing children develop the same pleasure she had for books when she was young. Billie presently works with children in a primary school. Besides being a creative writer, she is a mother of two wonderful children. Her love for nature and outside life made the sun a great companion of hers. Little wonder she enjoys taking long walks in the sun. Billie strongly believes whatever is done now echoes for eternity. What keeps her motivated is the knowledge that when we keep learning and trying new things, it develops the individual and makes him or her shine. She believes laughter can be infectious and the best medicine for life.


Whizzy Willow's First Day at School Author Billie Rayatt

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