WynZyn – Get Paid for Watching Ads

If you know me, you know that I am on my phone all of the time. Recently, I got to thinking that if I’m going to be on my phone all of the time, I might as well start doing something productive. Introducing WynZyn, an app that’s patent pending where you can win cash, just for watching daily video announcements. Many thanks to WynZyn for sponsoring today’s post.


How WynZyn Works

Since I’m always on my phone, I decided to give the mobile app a try. I downloaded the app on my phone, but you can also complete it from your desktop. When you download the app, you will fill out a really simple survey, so WynZyn can get to know you. If you don’t like the videos that they put in front of you, you can just easily skip it and move onto the next one.

I’m into the WynZyn app because I have control over what I see. I’m not lured into this weird twilight zone of ads. Keep in mind that your information is kept private and only shared with brokers who help decide which ads you may want to see. I love this because it’s a simple way to earn cash while you sit at ball practice or are watching television.


The Internet has opened up so many opportunities for all who seek. I look forward to using the WynZyn app over and over again. It’s easy, fun, and something you’ll love doing. To recap-

  • WynZyn makes advertising fair to consumers.
  • You get compensated to be advertised to.
  • Make some extra money (maybe a lot of extra money), just for watching a few video ads each week in your spare time.
  • Don’t kill time, make a killing.

If you want to see what the app is all about, then make sure you go download the app for free from the app store on your mobile phone. Be sure to use referral code: RXR4. You won’t believe how easy it is!

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